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Our Mission is to spread love to your special people.

We love ensuring those closest to you feel special, know their worth and how loved they truly are.

We also love being apart of it so thanks for picking us.

We post everyday, excluding weekends. While we do our best to have our rays of sunshine to you as quickly as possible, we can't control Australia Post, which means sometimes we have delays.

Average delivery to Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne is 1- 5 business days (generally 3 but we would prefer you be prepared).

Queensland, South Australia is 2 - 7 business days

Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory is 5 - 14 business days.

We will always supply tracking details to your order.

Postage is $15 standard delivery.

Free Delivery on orders over $200.

Our gift boxes are curated and hand packed, during this process we ensure each item is just right, ready for your loved ones to enjoy.

We do not offer refunds on our Ray of Sunshine range, but please reach out if there is an issue with an item in your box and where required an exchange will be made.

We are very proud to be stocking a range of amazing Australian brands, including Ecology, Peppermint Grove, Koko Black, Beysis and more.

While we are in early stages of launch don't worry there is big things in our future. So if you have a specific item or brand you want in our gift boxes just ask us and we would love to source it for you.

Or if you are a brand who wants to get on board, don't be a stranger and send us the dets.

Any queries please reach out and we will come back to you within 24 hours.

0424 398 388