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Scent Breakdown - all the things to "nose" about scents for the home.

Scent Breakdown - all the things to "nose" about scents for the home.

Hands up if 20 year old you lived for a vanilla and caramel candle?! Guilty as charged! While our candle tastes may be maturing, we also don't always know what we smell we want, so we have lined up some favourite scents that add that homeliness to your flames for you to try. 

There are 4 categories candle scents fall into, these are Floral, Woody, Oriental and Fresh, with each having their own unique bodies;


These scents remind us of fresh cut flowers, beautiful roses and days spent in the garden.

They generally offer a more pretty scent with many opting for a key floral main ingredient eg. Rose, Sweet Pea, Lavender etc.

With Oriental Scents offering an element of spice and body. 

Our pick for someone looking for a scent in this category is anything with Gardenia or Rose. 


As the same suggests these aromas through more forest and outdoor scents. Think oaks, birch and sandalwood.

A lot of people find these scents convey a memory or feeling of a place. The pine cones at Christmas, smokey smells of an old building, the scent of leather or the dewiness of a bush hike.

Even thought typically seen as more masculine scent, this doesn't mean they aren't perfect for adding warmth to your home. 

Our pick is anything with that real timber aroma or sandalwood that will add a level of sophistication. 


 We are affectionately referring to these as the spice of life. Oriental fragrance notes are mysterious and sensual; those scents and items that were traded between countries way back when, think musks, cinnamon, frankincense and even our favourite, vanilla.

Oriental scents also in-capture the smells we commonly associate with foods such as coffee, caramel and coconut. 

Vanilla is one of the most popular candle scents and a versatile fragrance for candle makers to blend. The fragrance pairs with almost any other candle scent, adding a simple sweetness to the overall candle aroma. 

Our pick is anything with Patchouli under tones. 


Fresh scents take their power from citrus, berries and even natural elements like the seaside and those fresh air smells that breathe a calmness to us.

These scents give an element of cleanliness and are associated with mornings, fresh fruits and tropical trips, the sea salt and bringing you back to a place of of relaxation. 

Our pick is anything that embodies the sea salt or ocean vibe - try our oceania candle, you wont regret it. 

 Tell us what scent you crush after, and why?